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Bible Groups

 Bible groups are for a destination in spiritual maturity. This maturity grows best in relationships. The Bible is the map that we follow to get to our destination. The relational aspect (which happens best in smaller, more relational environments walking through life events together in the spirit) and the Bible knowledge aspect can happen in a study.


Bible Study Group ​
  • Teacher/Student

  • Digs deep into the Bible

  • Subject driven/topical

  • More lecture-oriented

  • Has a start date and finish date

  • No maximum number of participants

  • The end result: to gain a better understanding and knowledge of Scripture

Small Group 
  • Facilitator/Group member setting

  • Stories of Scripture and honest conversation

  • Relationship driven/based on the needs of the group

  • Discussion oriented

  • Has a start date but no finish date

  • A limited number of participants (3-15 is ideal)

  • The end result: mature disciples who make other disciples.

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